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Back, Shoulder and Neck Massage
Relaxation massage with organic massage oil, specifically aimed at the back, shoulder and neck. This massage improves blood circulation in the body, provides deep relaxation and helps to remove toxins. Ideal for complaints due to stress, for example.

Relaxation Massage
Relaxation massage with organic massage oil. This full body relaxation massage improves the blood circulation in the body, provides deep relaxation and helps to remove toxins. Great after a busy working day, to soothe muscle pain or simply as a well-deserved treat for yourself or someone you love.

Deep Tissue Massage
The connective tissue massage  improves blood circulation and thus the condition of the skin. Connective tissue adhesions are loosened by means of firm massage techniques. Collagen production is stimulated and toxins are removed.

Headache Release Massage
Headache is a symptom of many acute and chronic conditions. Headache massage is one of the very pleasant and effective treatments for tension headaches. It releases tension and relaxes body and mind. Therapeutic massage treatment for headaches also works wonders as a prevention and helps you to go about your normal life without any effort.

Feet Reflexology Foot
reflexology therapy consists of applying pressure from the fingers to the feet, because feet respond better to pressure than hands. By working on the reflex points, the energetic blockages can be lifted and the balance in the system and body can be restored. At the same time, blood circulation, lymph flow and the transmission of nerve impulses are stimulated.

Massage Aromatherapy massage is essentially a Swedish massage with the added benefit of essential oils that have a unique ability to both relax and energize. Essential oils have a dual therapeutic effect. While inhaling their perfume releases tension, they are also absorbed through the skin, providing a multi-sensory, holistic experience. These deeply relaxing properties make an aromatherapy massage ideal for tackling sleep problems, anxiety related complaints and everyday stress.

Massage While this type of massage can only be performed during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, it is specially made to help a woman’s body adjust to the changes during pregnancy. Because during pregnancy, the body’s center of gravity shifts outward and some women experience sciatic nerve pain or back and neck pain. This massage is intended as a moment of mental and physical rest for the expectant mother. It also reduces the formation of varicose veins and regulates blood pressure as well as lymph and blood circulation.

Bamboo Body Massage
Although there are more than 1,200 types of bamboo, this technique requires the use of 25 to 40 cm warm bamboo sticks to massage the body. The therapist starts the massage at the feet, then moves all the way up to the neck and returns to return to the feet. The bamboo stimulates deep tissue, eliminates built-up tension and relaxes the muscles. In addition, the massage also stimulates the blood and lymph circulation, removes toxins (which are the cause of cellulite) and reduces fatigue in the body.

massage Sports massage helps to combat the effects of injuries and negative effects of intensive and / or frequent sports or fitness training. The massage therapist will generally use different techniques at different stages of the massage to provide you with the best treatment. As a result, the selection and sequence of these techniques will vary from client to client and from massage to massage.

Sports massage techniques can also be used to reduce the impact of previous injuries and the resulting scar tissue that can affect your body’s ability to heal or move correctly.

If you regularly exercise or exercise, it is recommended that you regularly combine your fitness routine with a sports massage.


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