Hydra Facial 

Bij deze behandeling wordt de huid in de eerste stap grondig gereinigd met Circadia en Skinceuticals producten. Met de eerste stap van de Hydrafacial wordt er geëxfolieerd door middel van een ontspannende peeling. Vervolgens worden onzuiverheden uit de poriën verwijderd door middel van een intensief en pijnloos vacuüm. Om de behandeling nog effectiever te maken gaan we met de klok mee uw huid controleren op andere onzuiverheden en indien nodig uitknijpen. De huid wordt daarnaast intensief gevoed en gehydrateerd. De derde stap bestaat uit het insluizen van antioxidanten, hyaluronzuur en peptiden in de huid om de huid een gezonde en frisse ‘glow’ te geven. Ideaal voor fijne lijntjes, rimpels, een gedehydrateerde, vette of verstopte huid, vergrote poriën, pigmentvlekken, zonschade, onregelmatige huidskleur en textuur. Vrijwel geschikt voor iedere huid!  

HydraFacial Signature  – 30 mins   150 

HydraFacial Signature  Face + Hals + Decollete –  45 minuten  195

SHydrafacial Signature Clarifying  met LED  –  45 minuten  175
HydraFacial Delux ( Booster + LED)   70 minuten  €185 – €195
HydraFaical Platinum (  Lymfedrainage + Premium Booster+ LED)   70 minuten    €205

Home care & Booster HydraGlucan  + hals decolleté.    70 minuten   €525



Gezichtsbehandelingen Medik8:

Express Refresher Facial
If you are short on time and your skin needs an extra boost, the Express Refresher Facial is exactly what you need! This 30-minute spa = facial is the perfect pick-me-up if you have a busy day. During the Express Refresher Facial, our expert cleans your face, your skin is lightly scrubbed to stimulate the regeneration of new cells, a soothing mask is applied and your face is massaged to increase the oxygen supply. After only 30 minutes you will feel relaxed again and your skin will look firs and young! 

30 minutes – € 39, –

Anti-aging Platinum Facial
Signature facial from Medikt8. A true treatment innovation that delivers visible and immediate rejuvenating results. Thanks to the active ingredients of haritaki Super Fruit, Carnosine, Mix of Polysaccharides and Platinum. Main benefits of the treatment: 9-in-1 anti-aging actions, enhanced anti-glycation power, instantly visible lifting effect tightens the skin.

Best for:
Aged skin, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and clients who want immediate results.

60 minutes – € 99, –

Glowing Facial
The Glowing Facial provides deep relaxation and during these treatments we use an innovative enzymatic peeling and an intensive professional mask with concentrated pure vitamin C. The result: The natural glow of the skin is restored and discolored areas are brightened.

Best for:
Dull, dull skin, tired complexion, pigmentation spots, light damage and skin affected by seasonal changes.

60 minutes – € 89, –

Deep Hydration Facial
Deep, restorative cleansing, restorative exfoliation that removes dull, dead skin cells and envelops the skin with an intense repair mask. The result: The water level in all skin layers is restored and gives a hydration boost.

Suitable for: 
Dry, dehydrated, flaky and aging skin.

60 minutes – € 89, –

Clarity Facial
During this facial, restorative and gentle exfoliation products are used to smooth, calm and brighten the skin. Dead skin cells are removed, cell renewal is stimulated and the pores are purified. Targets blemishes and blackheads for clean and silky smooth skin.

Suitable for: 
Uneven skin texture, comedones, milias and blemishes.

60 minutes – € 89, –

Calming Facial
Slight draining massage movements stimulate blood circulation. An instant cooling bio-cellulose mask packed with hyaluronic acid helps reduce inflammation and restore the skin’s natural barrier. Result: Immediately soothes inflamed, red, sensitive skin using intelligent formulations to promote skin regeneration. 

Suitable for:
Skin conditions with low immunity, irritated and sensitized skin.

60 minutes – € 79, –

Pore Refining Facial
This pore refining facial performs a deep enzymatic exfoliation, releasing the tension in the face through a relaxing facial massage. Combines superior deep cleansing actives to strengthen the pore wall and stimulate blood flow to refine skin texture.

Suitable for:
Clogged pores and oily skin.

60 minutes – € 89, –

Gezichtsbehandelingen Obagi Medical:

Signature Facial
60 minutes – € 75, –

Age Defying Facial
60 minutes – € 95, –

Hydrating Facial
60 minutes – € 95, –

Express Acne Facial
45 minutes – € 55.-

Antioxidant Force Field Facial
60 minutes – € 95, –

Gezichtsbehandelingen Deluxe:

Facial Intensive Acne
During the acne treatment we will use the Hydra Peeling to remove dead skin cells and sebum. By using a gentle hydration peel, the cells are supplied with moisture. Electroporation therapy is also used during this treatment to repair and relieve skin irritation and to control acne formation. We conclude the treatment with a mask, massage and LED light therapy.

Suitable for:
Skin with active and passive acne.

60 minutes – € 98, –

Facial Calming +
Instantly calms inflamed, red, sensitive skin using intelligent formulations to aid skin regeneration. Light, draining massage movements stimulate blood circulation. An instant cooling bio-cellulose mask packed with hyaluronic acid helps reduce inflammation and restore the skin’s natural barrier.

Suitable for: 
Skin conditions with low immunity and irritated / sensitized skin.

60 minutes – € 95 

Facial Tight & Firm 

In this instantly tightening and firming treatment, we combine the ultrasonic wave massage and deep tissue massage to optimize the lifting and firming effect. We conclude the treatment with a selected mask and LED light therapy. Suitable for:

A skin with the first signs of sagging or if you want to improve the facial contours.

60 minutes – € 105, –



LED Light Therapy
LED light therapy is a popular non-invasive skin treatment for acne, sun damage, wounds and other skin problems. The application is painless, non-irritating and non-thermal making it an effective light-based therapy that has no recovery or downtime. Our LED light therapy machine offers different wavelengths of colored LED light that are used to treat skin layers at different depths, stimulating a different unique skin correcting effect.

LED light therapy includes:
– Cleaning
– LED light treatment (30 minutes)
– Day and night care

35 minutes – € 38, –

  • BLUE – Cleansing
    Blue LED is used to treat acne-prone skin because it has an antibacterial effect and thus prevents blemishes. While it also stabilizes overactive sebum production and reduces the appearance of active inflamed acne.


  • RED – Rejuvenation
    Red LED is a versatile wavelength that promotes overall skin rejuvenation by stimulating collagen and elastic production. It improves the skin’s firmness and resilience, diminishes the signs of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces inflammation and redness. Red light also serves as a soothing laser after-treatment to speed healing. It helps reduce redness, swelling, itching, dryness, burning, and even bumps from rosacea. To treat rosacea, we recommend the purple light that combines the benefits of red and blue colors.
  • PURPLE – Dual Action
    Purple LED is a combination of red and blue wavelengths and offers dual benefits: both skin purifying (blue) and anti-aging (red), Pair is also beneficial for cellular oxygenation and skin renewal for improved skin condition and vitality. It is the perfect treatment for rosacea.
  • YELLOW – Soothing
    Yellow LED is used as a restorative therapy for sun-damaged skin. It can also help reduce redness, swelling, and rosacea to improve overall skin tone and balance.
  • GREEN – Brightening
    Green LED is used to target hyperpigmentation, freckles and age spots by breaking down clusters of melanin that form the discolorations. It can also help as a soothing and firming treatment to promote a balanced and youthful complexion.
  • ORANGE – Revitalization
    Orange LED helps to revitalize the skin. It has been shown to provide vitality to dull and lifeless skin. Orange light is good for bringing back a glow to the skin on special occasions.
  • CYAN
    Cyan is the combination of blue and green lights. It removes acne and pigmentation spots at the same time.


Obagi – Bleu Peel Radiance
The Obagi Peeling is one of the leading skin treatments available today. It is a mild but very effective peel based on 20% salicylic acid and a mix of glycolic acid and lactic acid. In just 30 minutes, the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance removes dead skin cells in the top, most damaged skin layers. This makes the skin smoother, fresher and more even. In addition, sebum production is regulated, which contributes to a better skin condition.

With little to no recovery time, the Blue Peel Radiance can improve the appearance, texture, skin tone and soft feel of the skin. You can see and feel these effects after only 1 treatment. For the best results and the treatment of skin problems, we recommend a series of 4-6 treatments. You usually keep an interval of 2 weeks between treatments.

Suitable for:
– All skin types
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Rough and uneven skin
– Acne
– Pigmentation
– Mild to moderate sun damage – Acne
– Melasmea

60 minutes – € 126, –

Medik8 – Professional Peels:


Eye Peel
An ultra-light yet effective solution to target signs of aging in the sensitive skin around the eyes.


20 minutes – € 55, –

Clarity Peel
A powerful blend of acids that
sink deep into the  pores to effectively brighten and relieve the complexion. Quickly controls blemishes and drastically reduces the risk of future blemishes.

45 minutes – € 95. – 

Rewind Peel
A targeted  formula  that helps   promote collagen production  and  reduce fine  lines and  wrinkles .

45 minutes – € 95, –

Sensitive PHA
Especially for  extremely  sensitive skin or skin with a lot of redness. Visibly evens out the skin texture and helps to strengthen the skin barrier.

45 minutes – € 95, –

Universal AHA
Suitable for  everyone  and every skin problem. Visibly brightens, softens, relieves and revitalizes the skin. Ideal as a first peel or to maintain the results of other peels.

45 minutes – € 95, –

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